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Recent Testimonials:

Mr Evans is a craftsman of Old World Quality, with the ability to create the contemporary also. Highly recommended for projects large and small. Thanks for the fabulous kitchen!!  Dave K.


"Gorgeous work. Great attention to detail. Great aesthetic. I will be ordering more pieces made."  Bonnie E.


"James Evans is a great craftsman and I'd highly recommend him for your next job!!!"  D Kline


"Very thoughtful and careful contractor. He will go out of his way to make sure the job is not only done, but done right."  Michael K.


"James Evans is a craftsman and an artist. I'd highly recommend using him for your next project!!" D.K.B.


"The kitchen renovation that we wanted required an extremely high level of historic restoration and using old reclaimed materials - as well as very modern materials. It is a 1922 bungalow and James ended up driving to an Amish mill to get the last of the reclaimed cherry wood that we needed. He built cabinets from scratch and completed the entire kitchen - the detail far greater than space to describe here. But the result was absolutely wonderful and his patience with us and attention to detail was legend."  Judy C.

Shelves and custom door work

James has done a lot of work for me. Here is a custom shelving system that swings out for access to my air handler. I have not yet painted my walls so ignore the drywall. He's done Soss hidden hinges for my condominium doors and pocket doors for the rest. He's built space-saving custom recessed shelves for my bathroom. He will be doing more work for me next month. I am very pleased with his work.


Jeffrey Randorf

Best looking piece of furniture in our house!



James was so wonderful to work with. He was fun, his fees were reasonable and we were simply blown away with what he made for us. I highly recommend him for anything you might need, from smaller jobs like custom furniture to bigger jobs (I’ve seen one of his kitchens and the cabinetry is out of this world!).



James Evans helped design and entirely renovated the kitchen to our 1922 bungalow in Arlingto, Virginia. Being in the Real Estate business, and by nature, we were fastidious and demanding clients. Mr. Evans did a fabulous job, from the beautiful custom cherry cabinets with their hand rubbed one-of-a-kind finish to the exposed beams to the distressed floor. The banquette is a gem! We LOVE our kitchen!!! Thank you!!!



Great mahogony bookcase

Jay did a great custom-built mahagony bookcase for our library. A perfect match and complement to those already existing which was quite a challenge. We highly recommend Jay for quality custom cabinet work!
Gene and Lynne Parta, Washington, DC

Gene Parta


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